2018. március 8., csütörtök

Nemzetközi Nőnap / International Women’s Day

BelVeb International Women's Day from Ilya Isaenko on Vimeo.

Nudity Ban Protest on International Women's Day - March 8, 2014 - Jane Warner Plaza, San Francisco from gypsy gypsy on Vimeo.

Protest against the San Francisco nudity ban commemorating International Women's Day. We talked about Scott Wiener accepting a $200,000 bribe (along with 3 other supervisor candidates) from Thomas Coates (Google: thomas coates + Scott Wiener). Thomas Coates is the Republican backer of Prop 98, the failed attempt to overturn rent control in 2010.

We also talked about sexual oppression of women and how our society sells women into prostitution either directly or indirectly. Women are expected to be perfect sex objects, and at the same time are pumped full of body shame from childhood.

We talked about everyone's right to body freedom as a harmless activity and form of self expression.

At this event we had a good number of beautiful topless women. It was such a treat to celebrate Women's Day with them.

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